Sand and Water Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Exciting ways to explore and play with Sand and water. Whether it is being used in the mud kitchen, sand pit, water tray, measuring for potion making, toddlers and babies love sand and water activities.

Filling and tipping, transporting, digging, mixing, pouring and splashing.

Play can be as simple as a tray filled with sand or water or both. With shells, bubbles, boats, pirates, buried treasure. Providing countless sensory experiences and benefits for early years children.

Sand and water play is the ideal activity for developing concepts surrounding STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. Add a solar powered fountain to your water play to add extra excitement and play opportunities – listen to the water. What happens when the sun goes in?

Exploring the consistency of sand and water, experimenting, exploring and discovering what happens when you add ingredients such as bubbles, paint, flowers. Links to maths with weight and measuring.

Wet or dry sand is great for mark making in. Use fingers or a stick.

Add guttering to your water play – simply prop up a piece of bamboo chute or guttering against your tray and stand for children to tip water down. Send little boats down too. We usually add a tray on the floor too to capture the water and boats. Make your own little floating boats from coconut shells or sliced up swimming pool noodles – add a straw and flag for the sail. Or simply make paper boats.

Watch leaves and petals float on water – splash about and have fun. Make sand castles in sand. We love this mini deep tray and stand for smaller set ups.

Discover and learn about the ocean in a tuff tray with sand and water. Please be aware of very small parts with babies and toddlers.

More sand and water play activity ideas for babies and toddlers:

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Published by Charlotte Parry

Hello. I am a mum to 3 boys! Sharing our play ideas and activities and inspiration for toddlers and children. From tuff tray play to sensory play, small world play, cardboard crafts and outdoor play.

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