Tuff Tray Play – Planting Seeds

The Tuff Tray is an ideal place to gather all the items you need for planting seeds. Then make messy mud pies once the planting activity is finished!

Planting seeds activity in the tuff tray

Provide all the items that you will need. Asking questions such as: ‘What do we need first?’ and ‘What will make our seeds grow?’

Planting seeds activity in the tuff tray

Encourage water and have a look around for what else they could water whilst they are at it!

Mud and water often leads to messy mud play – so once the planting of seeds activity is finished – add some toys such as Dinosaurs and some utensils such as spoons and whisks and let them get messy! Make mud pies!

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Published by Charlotte Parry

Hello. I am a mum to 3 boys! Sharing our play ideas and activities and inspiration for toddlers and children. From tuff tray play to sensory play, small world play, cardboard crafts and outdoor play.

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