9 Halloween Craft Projects for Kids

My boys love Halloween and it is a great opportunity to keep them busy with craft projects.

Here are our favourite 9 craft projects for kids:

1.Visiting a Pumpkin Patch

Choose your own to carve and make soup.

9 Halloween Craft Projects for Kids - pumpkin patch

Firstly, you just have to visit a Pumpkin Patch. Children love the activity of choosing their own and our local patch at Maxey’s Farm Shop in Farnsfield is great for other Halloween related activities.

2. Shrunken Apple Heads

A great alternative to Pumpkin Carving.

9 Halloween Craft Projects for Kids - shrunken apple heads

These are so easy to do and much better for little hands than carving a Pumpkin – why not also try Orange Peppers – instructions below!

9 Halloween Craft Projects for Kids - shrunken apple heads

We used cooking apples as they are bigger. Simply peel, carve out, eyes, nose and a mouth. Then add broken Star Anise pieces for the teeth. An adult should then add a wooden skewer to the apple and then leave them to wither in a dark, cool, dry place – a garage works well. Remember to keep checking their progress!

9 Halloween Craft Projects for Kids - shrunken apple heads

3. Orange Pepper Pumpkin Carving

A great alternative to Pumpkin Carving for little hands.

9 Halloween Craft Projects for Kids - orange pepper carving

These are so easy – once carved, just add a battery operated tea light inside to make them glow!

9 Halloween Craft Projects for Kids - orange pepper carving

4. Bubbling Potions and concoctions

Halloween is the perfect time of year to make potions! We tend to make them in a Tuff Tray to contain the liquid – especially the ones that bubble over. You can use simple dish soap, water and food colouring – to keep it simple – adding spiders, bio-glitter and other items found – stirring with a stick! Or, you can use bicarb and white vinegar, or a bottle of Cola or lemonade and a couple of mentos – to make the liquid erupt! Check out our Instagram or Facebook feeds for videos of our potion eruptions!

9 Halloween Craft Projects for Kids - potions and concoctions

5. Recycled Toilet roll tube spooky castle

9 Halloween Craft Projects for Kids - recycled toilet roll tube spooky castle

A simple budget-friendly recycled toilet roll tube castle – using readily available items such as toilet roll tubes and paint.

1.Simply paint toilet roll tubes black – we used ready mixed paint. Let these dry. Next – carefully cut windows using a craft knife and draw details on using a silver Sharpie.

2. Position your tubes – constructing a castle with them. Glue the lower tubes/floor of the castle together and to a thick cardboard base. Because we are adding battery operated tea lights, we cannot glue the next floor onto the top of the tubes as you need access to get the candles in and out.

9 Halloween Craft Projects for Kids - halloween castle

3. Cut a shaped piece of thick card as a second floor and paint it. Leave this loose and place it on top of the lower tubes. Glue the second floor tubes together and cut squares out of the top of the tubes to give a nice castle wall effect to the tops. Use a taller tube or glue two together to create one tall turret and add a cone top.

9 Halloween Craft Projects for Kids - handmade fimo clay pumpkins

4. Make pumpkins with fimo or modelling clay. Make little red toadstools, witches or wizards hats and brooms. 

6. Toilet Roll Tube Bats

9 Halloween Craft Projects for Kids - recycled toilet roll tube bats

Recycled toilet roll tube bats are simple to do and can be strung from the ceiling or windows for a great display idea.

Simply cut the tubes down to size for smaller bats. Paint them, then let them dry. Add wobbly eyes and a mouth with teeth cut from white paper. We cut wings from black card and stuck them to the back and then squished the tops of the tubes down to create pointy ears – voila!

7. Pumpkin soup

9 Halloween Craft Projects for Kids - pumpkin soup

This is a very tasty lunch after pumpkin carving – ensuring not to waste all that lovely Pumpkin! Use the fresh flesh to create a nice warm lunch with crusty warm buttered bread.

We cut our Pumpkin flesh into cubes and roasted in the oven with salt and pepper and a touch of garlic. Once cooked, we added it to a pan with some chicken or vegetable stock, then blitzed it with a hand blender. Adding cream before serving – this truly is a really tasty soup – try it!

8. Wand making

We loved making these magical wands – they make great handmade Harry Potter Wands too! Simply find some sticks in the garden – these make the best wands as they are more natural or, use wooden Chopsticks or garden cane.

9 Halloween Craft Projects for Kids - wand making - harry potter wand craft

Using a low melt glue gun, we created a pattern around the sticks – the boys directed me as to how they wanted them. They added an extra large blob to the top adding beads or a skull head to the top before it dried. Please be careful with the glue gun – depending on the age of your children you may want to do the glue yourself.

The glue dries really quickly, so once dry, we painted the sticks and glue with acrylic paint. We used a base colour, of black for example or brown. We then added metallic gold highlights with a dry brush effect – this highlights the glue pattern around the stick. The beads painted make for a really great effect!

9. Decorated biscuits

9 Halloween Craft Projects for Kids - decorating biscuits

These make a perfect simple craft and children love doing them.

Simply use Digestives or Rich Tea biscuits. Using tubes of coloured icing, mini marshmallows, strawberry laces, hundreds and thousands and whatever else you fancy – simply decorate the biscuits! Tasty! You could get creative and try to draw spider webs onto the biscuits!

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