Clay Dragon Eyes

These air dry clay Dragon eyes are simple to make and engage boys and girls for a good hour or more. These would make a fab whole class project or would be a great activity at Beavers, Cubs or Scouts.

Clay dragon eyes by Lottie Makes

You will need:

  • Air Dry Clay
  • Simple clay tools or any utensils that you can find
  • Dragon eyes
  • Acrylic Paint and brushes
  • Decorations or glitter
Clay dragon eyes by Lottie Makes

Start with a ball of clay. Roll it out and cut a large oval shape. Add your eye to the centre. Using sausage shapes – construct eye lids around the eye – sticking them on using ‘slip’ – water and a hashed effect to the back – this will help to stick the eye lids and any other parts down.

Clay dragon eyes by Lottie Makes

Add patterns to the eye base using a tool or add swirls and other shapes to stick them on.

Clay dragon eyes by Lottie Makes

Once dry, the eye can be painted using acrylic paint. We used metallic paints for ours.

Clay dragon eyes by Lottie Makes

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