9 Halloween Craft Projects for Kids

My boys love Halloween and it is a great opportunity to keep them busy with craft projects. Here are our favourite 9 craft projects for kids.

Pirate play in the Tuff Tray

My boys LOVE pirates, and the Tuff Tray is the perfect place to set up some great small world scenes and activities to explore. Below we show 7 of our favourite activities: Digging for treasure, Pirate Sensory Bags, Pirate treasure maps, making potions or Pirate Grog, Playmobil setups and boat making and racing!

Recycled cardboard Castle

Today, we got rid of the parcel delivery evidence (before Daddy gets home!) and recycled the cardboard box to make a Castle! We made opening doors too for the Playmobil knights and Skeletons to cross from room to room. First, we drew a plan of how we wanted the castle to look. We needed to [...]

How to make a Recycled Cardboard Treehouse

We have seen expensive wooden versions of these, but here is our recycled cardboard version. Inspired by @early_childhood_fun101 over on Instagram. Check out how we made ours below. Use old cardboard packaging cut down to the size that you want. We used two kitchen roll tubes and two toilet roll tubes. You could paint the [...]