Nature Trail Collections and Natural Sensory Play in a Tinker Tray

In the warm Spring sunshine we love to go on nature trails to collect an array of beautiful things! We really try hard to listen to the birds, the leaves rustling in the trees, birds singing and the crackling of twigs under our feet. We love collecting and displaying items in our tinker tray, where we can sort and arrange our treasures!

Nature Trail Collections

Identify as many minibeasts and flowers as you can. We see butterflies and Bees, spiders the most on our walks.

Nature Trail activity for children

It is amazing what you can find when you really look hard. All these beautiful flowers make such pretty collections.

We use left over egg boxes to sort our collection. Using each compartment to lay out our beautiful finds.

Once home, if we cannot recognise the flower, we look it up to try to identify it.

making mud pies and mud buns in our handmade mud kitchen during outdoor play.

Our beautiful collection is perfect for our mud kitchen. Every item gets put to good use. We make mini mud cakes with flowers on top and pretty perfumes and concoctions. Mixing in bio glitter gives it an extra sparkle!

potion making and making flower perfumes in the tuff tray. Tuff tray play ideas for outdoor play

We use our flowers in the Tuff Tray – watching them blow about on the water, swirling them around with a stick.

Nature Trail Collections - perfume making in the tuff tray. Tuff tray play ideas with flowers.

Some of our flowers get pressed between sheets of paper in a heavy book for 2 weeks. Once they are pressed we make pretty pictures to send to grandparents. Nothing gets wasted.

nature collecting and treasures, pressed flowers displayed on wooden shapes for hanging - pressed flower craft.

Creating a Nature trail collection is such a lovely activity to do with children, learning about the beauty of nature, insects and wildlife. The many activities that follow with identifying, sorting, mixing and making truly make this a must do activity. Displaying flowers and a natural collection in our tinker tray is also a lovely idea. You can sort your treasures into colours, sizes, identifying them.

Displaying flowers and a natural collection in our tinker tray is also a lovely idea. You can sort your treasures into colours, sizes, identifying them.

Why not try pounding your flowers with a hammer inbetween two sheets of plain copy paper to create wonderful abstract art – ensuring that none of your collected flowers go to waste.

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